Lingerie and the environment

The video we present to you today has been produced by a brand called Eco Boudoir that seems to have disapeared since. The video still takes on a difficult and interesting subject.


What is the cost of lingerie on the environment? This video gives a few answers but sadly without any context on the total impact of the textile industry or the proportion of the global polution this repesents.



Don't turn around and think lingerie is bad for the planet, there's a biggest killer every week and I doubt lingerie will ever make that list so you can keep enjoying the most important piece in clothing. This is just informative and another piece of the ecological puzzle that still needs to be sorted out. A green label won't do the trick just as driving a prius is worst than most cars.


If you have any information about Eco Boudoir, please let us know.

S. Lingerie, the iPhone and iPad app

We are very happy and quite proud to announce that the S. Lingerie app for iPhone and iPad is now avaliable for free from the App Store under the name S. Lingerie (S. Lingerie HD for the iPad).




The S. Lingerie app helps you find the closest lingerie shop, whether you want a specific brand or not. As of today, 7 lingerie brands have already provided us with a list of their stockists worldwide and we are in the process of adding a lot more brands to our app and you'll see them in the app as it updates automatically.


Showing you where to buy lingerie is only the first step of this adventure and we've got great plans for ou app and plan on adding new features very soon. Of course the App Store will tell you when an update is avaliable. 


Here's a screenshot of the app for iPad :




And one of the app for iPhone :




You can download our App with a simple clic on the appropriate image or by following this link : S. Lingerie app in the App Store.


Please let us know what you think, any input is welcome.


Note to the lingerie brands : We are in the process of contacting every brand in our directory but this takes time. If you want your stockists to get into our app faster, just drop us an email and we'll make it happen.

15% off at Mint Siren

Celebrating a good year and the arrival of the summer we've all been waiting for, Mint Siren decided to give you one more reason to enjoy yourself by offering 15% off their actual collection.


All you need to do is head to the Mint Siren website, go to the shop and in the lower left corner of the shop, enter the code MINTTREAT before adding itemps to your basket. You'll then be enjoying 15% off.


The Mint Siren website is here

New Cotton Club website

With the arrival of the new swimwear and beachwear 2010 collection, Cotton Club and RC launched a new website.



Browsing the new website will lead you to discover the ne Cotton Club mare and RC beach couture 2010 collections that we'll present to you shortly. In the meanwhile, head for the website : Cotton Club and RC

Shopping the sales

Just a quick word to remind you all that sales also happen on the web and you'll find great deals in the lingerie boutiques of our directory.


This is the time when you forget your banker and get all the lingerie sets you've dreamed of.

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